About Us

Who am I?

My name is Dionn Santos, and my store is called Santos Shop.
Based out of New York and established November 2022. 

Why buy from me?

This is my passion. I ensure to provide the best service imaginable alongside with the most exclusive and trending brands in the world of designer and streetwear. 

With my store you know what is advertised is what is you are getting. Every piece is 100% authentic and I go through endless hurdles to make sure that is true. I can't say the same for 99% of these other stores.


What can we expect going forward?

Growth. If you stick by me as a loyal customer, you'll see my progression and growth in front of your very eyes. I put blood, sweat and tears into my business to make sure one day I'm acknowledged as one of the most credible sellers in the world.


For any collaborations or promotional work feel free to reach out below.